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Bulgaria pilot

REVERTER pilot – Municipality of Brezovo, Bulgaria

The housing is responsible for almost 60% of the total energy consumption in the area. The use of raw wood for domestic heating is dominant (47%), followed by electricity (39%) and coal (12%). This is a prerequisite for high  PM pollution during the heating season. The housing sector is responsible.  for 10,247 tons of greenhouse emissions.

Total pilot area: 465.41 km2

Inhabitants: 7,000

Number of buildings in the area of interest: 2,900

Percentage of poor performing buildings: >90%

Southern Continental In a Southern Continental climate, summers are typically long, hot, and humid, with temperatures often exceeding 30°C and frequent thunderstorms. Winters are mild with temperatures averaging around 5-15°C and occasional snowfall. Spring and autumn are typically transitional seasons with moderate temperatures and variable precipitation.

Average temperature in winter: 0-1°C

Average days of heating per year: 175

Average temperature in summer: 22-23°C

Average days of cooling per year: 90

The particular focus is on households living in single or multi-family homes with no insulation and no energy efficiency measures implemented, also those relying on low-quality heating fuels. Special attention is also paid to households receiving social heating aid or similar.

REVERTER project



Digital One-stop-shop in Bulgaria is a digital One-stop-shop that has been developed to ease access to information about the renovation of multi-apartment buildings in Brezovo, Bulgaria. is operated by Municipality of Brezovo and Green Synergy Cluster. It allows residents of Brezovo municipality to get comprehensive information about the renovation process, support schemes, and information campaigns.

To address the issue of energy poverty, the Bulgarian government has implemented a range of policies and programs aimed at improving energy efficiency and reducing energy costs for low-income households. These include programs to provide financial support for energy-efficient home renovations and to help families pay their energy bills.

Municipality of Brezovo, Bulgaria

Energy poverty affects 1/3 of Bulgaria’s population. An important part of inhabitants both in large cities and small struggle to heat their homes adequately during the winter. This affects their thermal comfort at home, their health and well-being. 

Roadmaps for Bulgaria

The roadmaps will analyze opportunities for energy efficiency in the buildings; transition from liquid or solid fuel (raw biomass) to modern biomass heating from own resource or other heating source; introduction of RES source.

The roadmap will focus on increasing of literacy of the owners, increasing the awareness on new forms of cooperation (energy communities, community purchases) and financial programs for deep renovation, while raising awareness on how to make the right choices, regarding energy use and sustainability. Renovation measures, change of heating systems, solar thermal and PV system installation, public awareness campaigns on the benefits of energy-saving as well as information on available technologies will help to reduce the final energy consumption and encourage the construction of PV installations for own consumption.

The roadmap will focus on promoting of energy renovation of single-family houses for energy efficiency of the external envelope, replacement of window frames, replacement of the heating method – witching to a highly efficient form of heating through the use of an alternative source. The owners will be encouraged the implementation of individual RES installations – photovoltaic installations for own consumption; solar thermal installations for heating DHW; air-water heat pumps for heating water for DHW. The roadmaps will include also actions as conducting campaigns to increase the population’s knowledge of energy efficient measures and smart energy consumption, encouraging behavior change and replacement of old household electrical appliances with new ones.

Photo Credit: Krasimir Romanski - Ro Dronography.

Partners responsible for REVERTER pilot in Bulgaria​

Consortium partners Green Synergy Cluster and Obshtina Brezovo are involved and responsible for roadmap testing in Brezovo, Bulgaria. If you want to learn more about project implementation in this pilot, please contact the responsible consortium partners.

Green Synergy Cluster

Our main goals are to support national and local initiatives in the field of green innovation and cluster cooperation; strengthening the capacity of the industry, policy makers and citizens; support internationalization initiatives.

Municipality of Brezovo

The municipality of Brezovo is located in southern Bulgaria in the north-eastern part of the Plovdiv region and occupies an area of ​​446 m2. Its population is a bit over 7000.