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Deep REnovation roadmaps to decrease households VulnERability To Energy poveRty

What is REVERTER Hub and REVERTER project?

REVERTER Hub is a digital solution and repository of REVERTER project results, developments, and other valuable resources and tools aimed at all individuals, initiatives and organisations that seek to decrease energy poverty in Europe.

Thermal map - insulation - REVERTER
Heating - energy poverty in Europe

The REVERTER Hub facilitates knowledge exchange, learning, guidance and dissemination of project results to a wide public.

What is REVERTER Hub?

REVERTER Hub is aimed at all EU citizens – landlords and tenants of uninsulated buildings, construction and renovation companies, policy makers and other stakeholders.

Through REVERTER Hub, the project REVERTER consortium partners share the project results as well as access to other useful tools and resources with one aim – to reduce the energy poverty in Europe and improve the quality of life of EU citizens.


The roadmaps are tailor-made to the specifics      of the building stock, climate and households, among other characteristics.


You can find various tools and resources to    learn more about energy poverty and energy saving.


You can find various tools and resources to    learn more about energy poverty and energy saving.

No one should have to choose between eating, lighting or warming or cooling one’s home.

Europeans can't adequately heat their home in winter
Europeans can't adequately cool their home in the summer
People in EU struggled to pay their energy bills in 2022

The REVERTER will follow a five-step approach to create and implement the roadmaps in the four pilots, to significantly facilitate the market uptake of renovation approaches and support specific groups of vulnerable consumers during its lifetime.

4 pilots

The roadmaps developed during the project will be tested in 4 different pilots – Bulgaria, Greece, Latvia and Portugal. The four pilots are chosen to represent different climate conditions, building types and conditions, among other factors that are very different in these countries. 

REVERTER 4 pilot countries

Riga, Latvia 

Brezovo, Bulgaria

Athens Urban area, Greece

Coimbra, Portugal

Latest Updates

Read project news and updates – the latest information on project results, events, publications and other achievements.