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The project Consortium

The REVERTER consortium consists of organisations with different backgrounds and from different European regions. The Project Coordinator is Prof. Dimitris Damigos from National Technical University of Athens. 

Non-profit organisations

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success. – Henry Ford –

REVERTER consortium partners

REVERTER consortium partners have been selected to bring together passionate and experienced professionals who aim to make a real impact on energy poverty in Europe. 

Laboratory of Mining and Environmental Technology

National Technical University of Athens – Laboratory of Mining and Environmental Technology

The Lab of Mining and Environmental Technology (LMET) has an extensive experience of more than 20 years in environmental and energy economics, environmental management, and financial and cost benefit analysis of RES among other issues.

LMET is a main actor in the field of energy poverty in Greece. During the last years, a significant part of its research activity focuses on energy poverty issues, especially in mountainous and rural areas. It has accomplished several primary and secondary surveys dedicated to energy vulnerability. Moreover, LMET has conducted research on issues such as energy efficiency, energy savings and increased use of locally produced RES. Owing to the involvement of LMET in the aforementioned issues, there is a close cooperation with municipalities and regional authorities, suffering from energy poverty.

Partner’s role in the project

Institute of Systems and Robotics

The Institute of Systems and Robotics – University of Coimbra (ISR-UC) is a private non-profit research institution founded in 1992 with the global purpose of setting up a multi-disciplinary research team, able to carry out leading edge research in: Human-Centered Mobile Robotics; Field Robotics; Medical Systems and Robotics; Computational Intelligence and Control; Artificial Perception and Cognition; Visual Perception; Intelligent Energy Systems. ISR-UC gives special attention to international scientific research cooperation, as well as to advanced education initiatives and presents a high publication track-record in top journals and conferences. ISR-UC has also developed strong research links with industry, and has promoted the creation of spin-offs. ISR-UC was classified as Excellent by an international panel of experts and is part of the Associated Laboratory ARISE. The Intelligent Energy Systems group develops research on advanced electrical technologies in the scope of buildings, industry, vehicles and electrical grids. The activities are mainly focused on “Energy Efficient Technologies” (development and assessment of energy efficient technologies, optimization of electrical systems and eco-design of energy-related products) and “Renewables and Smart Grids” (integration of renewable generation into buildings, modular energy storage systems, demand response systems and smart charging systems for electric vehicles).

Partner’s role in the project

Ekodoma Ltd.

Ekodoma is an energy engineering consulting company whose scope is to ensure energy efficiency and use of sustainable energy sources to achieve economic development with the lowest possible impact on the environment. This is accomplished by bringing sustainable climate and energy concepts in each stage and aspect of design and consultancy. Ekodoma offers a complete range of Energy Efficiency Services and Environmental Engineering Services, from concept to completion. The firm works together with clients, engineers, architects and economists from the start of the process, considering each step from the standpoint of thermodynamics and physics. For each project potential strategies and solutions are assessed and evaluated, creating a strong identity for every situation; but Ekodoma goes beyond the limited idea of energy efficiency, looking at the interdependence of comfort issues and the integration of each solution in the build environment within a larger environmental context. Our aim is to create comfortable, economical, high-value solutions and a sustainable environment for living, learning, working and playing. Since 1991 Ekodoma has been involved in more than 1000 different projects. The firm has a track record of success stories, always being at the forefront of energy efficiency services developments.

Partner’s role in the project

Green Synergy Cluster

GREEN SYNERGY cluster is established in 2011 as a non-profit organization. The cluster brings together and coordinates the knowledge and experience of companies, research entities and public authorities with an interest in the green transition.

The cluster develops projects for application under European funds and programs of the Bulgarian government to provide funding for development activities. Our vision is to become a leading Bulgarian cluster for implementation of innovative eco energy solutions. The cluster has over 35 organizations – SMEs, large enterprises, non-governmental organizations, educational institutions and research units.

The cluster’s activities are mainly in the direction of:

  • Supporting public authorities in driving the energy transition
  • Smart Cities and Positive Energy Districts/ Blocks; Smart buildings
  • Renewable Energy Communities
  • Tackling energy poverty and energy education
  • Energy performance assessment and certification of buildings; energy auditing in industry

Our main goals are to support national and local initiatives in the field of green innovation and cluster cooperation; strengthening the capacity of the industry, policy makers and citizens; support internationalization initiatives.

Partner’s role in the project

Fundació Europace

Fundació Europace is a non-profit organization that aims to combat climate change while improving families’ quality of life through both building stock decarbonization and promoting citizens driven energy transition.

Our area of expertise includes design, deployment, and operation of innovative Integrated Home Renovation Programs to boost building energy renovations and local energy communities based on one-stop-shop models combining comprehensive assistance, effective demand generation strategies and latest digital tools.

We have developed a deep knowledge becoming pioneers in the implementation of one-stop-shop models in Spain and currently we are working with more than 30 municipalities and regional authorities.

We also work in projects aimed to alleviate energy poverty or supporting market uptake of local energy communities with public-private participation.

Partner’s role in the project


CRES (founded in 1987) is a public entity supervised by the Ministry of Environment and Energy and has financial and administrative independence. CRES is active in the fields of Renewable Energy Sources, Rational Use of Energy and Energy Saving, while its main aim is the promotion of technological applications in the above-mentioned fields both at a national and international level. CRES was appointed by Law 2244/1994 and Law 2702/1999 as the National Centre for Coordination in the fields of its activity, while the current status was updated by Law 4342/2015. According to the legislative framework, CRES acts as the technical advisor to the Ministry of Environment and Energy and to public authorities generally contributing to the transposition of energy efficiency directives to the Greek legislation and to the implementation of energy efficiency measures and policies. Moreover, CRES undertakes the conduction of the long-term energy planning of Greek energy sector and supports technically the preparation of the national action plans in the fields of energy efficiency, renewables and CHP including the phenomenon of energy poverty.

Partner’s role in the project

WIT Berry

SIA WIT Berry (WIT) is a small digital marketing and communication company based in Latvia. The aim of WIT Berry is to help organizations to reach their goals namely increase sales, gain popularity, new clients, develop brand and others by implementing efficient communication strategy. WIT Berry was founded in 2012. Its founder has extensive experience in online communications and digital marketing.

WIT Berry has worked with leading insurance and telecommunication companies in Latvia where its experts were responsible for web content analysis, development of website concept as well as content strategy and copywriting for different markets. For the last few years WIT Berry has been actively involved in different activities, projects and events in the space sector. For example, the company has participated in the Horizon 2020 project HATCH, had ensured all the communication and marketing activities for space event in Belgium called Switch to Space has consulted space companies in Netherlands, Luxembourg and Estonia.

Partner’s role in the project

B·Link Barcelona Strategic Projects

B·Link is a consulting firm based in Barcelona specialized in European Funding. It provides comprehensive and strategic services to public and private sector clients with a dual objective:

  • Generating advantage of new international granting & business opportunities, based on careful and long-term strategic planning, intense market intelligence and specialized knowledge.
  • Supporting mainly EU projects from idea conceptualization, through proposal writing until carrying out the projects. B·Link has been working with several successful Erasmus+, Interreg, COSME, ENI CBC MED, COST and LIFE projects, among others.

B·Link is a team of international consultants with an extensive international network of relationships and with a broad knowledge of the disciplines necessary to offer specialized and qualified consulting. Since 2014, B·Link has successfully supported the conception and implementation of more than 60 projects, funded by 10 EU programmes, in many countries around Europe and the Mediterranean.

Partner’s role in the project

Municipality of Brezovo

The municipality of Brezovo is located in southern Bulgaria in the north-eastern part of the Plovdiv region and occupies an area of ​​446 square km. It borders the municipalities of Rakovski, Karlovo, Kaloyanovo, Pavel Banya and Bratya Daskalovi. This is the city of Brezovo, the administrative center of the municipality. The remaining settlements are the villages of Babek, Borets, Varben, Drangovo, Zelenikovo, Zlatosel, Otets Kirilovo, Padarsko, Rozovets, Svezhen, Streltsi, Sarnegore, Turkmen, Chehlare and Choba. The population is 7276 people.

According to official documents, Brezovo was founded in 1576. In the era of the Bulgarian Renaissance, the settlement played a special role for the entire region. In 1837, a four-class secular school was built there, which according to unofficial data is the third in the country. A few years later, in 1843, the “St. Dimitar” church, today a cultural monument, was painted by Debar masters – icon painters.

The apostle of Bulgarian freedom, Vasil Levski, repeatedly visited Brezovo, sang in the church and held meetings of the secret revolutionary committee in the old teacher’s room.

Partner’s role in the project

EKPIZO: Consumer Association “The Quality of Life”

EKPIZO – Consumer Association “The Quality of Life” established in 1988, protects consumer rights and improves their quality of life; it is a nongovernmental, nonprofit and accredited association. EKPIZO has so far carried out over 105 mainly EU and national projects, been represented in 39 official committees and participates in national-EU consultations. EKPIZO is member of POMEK, BEUC, ANEC, EU Health Alliance, Consumers International and Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue.

During its 30 years lifetime, EKPIZO activities have been multilevel and varying, covering comparative testing of food/products, financial-banking, environmental, health, food, energy, digital rights, consumer education issues, legal advice-support, collective and group actions, participation in national-EU consultations and representation in several official bodies.

EKPIZO has contributed in consumer awareness raising, improvement of consumer law and consumer protection, while via its judicial and extrajudicial actions, more than 21 million euro, illegally withheld by businesses, have been returned to consumers.

Partner’s role in the project

Municipality of Coimbra (CMC)

Coimbra City Council is the municipal body of this municipality, and its mission is to define and implement policies with a view to defending the interests and meeting the needs of the local population.

In this sense, it is responsible for promoting the development of the municipality in all areas of life, such as health, education, social action and housing, the environment and basic sanitation, land use planning and urban planning, transport and communications, public supply, sport and culture, consumer protection and civil protection.

Partner’s role in the project

Riga Municipal Agency “Riga Energy Agency”

Riga Energy Agency (REA) is an independent, non-profit municipal agency founded in 2007 in order to ensure the management and coordination of energy supply and energy efficiency in Riga municipality, promote the attraction of investments for the smart development of the city, as well as provide information on energy efficiency issues.

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