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First results and takeaways from operations of the Digital One-Stop-Shops

Before jumping into the first results and observations, we want you to understand that they have been established in the areas of the pilot countries that the areas where they have been established are very different from each other. For example, Brezovo, Bulgaria and Coimbra, Portugal are relatively small areas and they are targeting very specific consumer groups. Thus, the target audience is very limited. One-Stop-Shops in Athens, Greece and Riga, Latvia engage with larger groups of people, as they are the capitals of the countries with the larger number of inhabitants.

Our approach to analytics and insights

To evaluate the results and provide some conclusions, we took into consideration both – the statistics of the One-Stop-Shops and reports on activities that performed the personnel of the One-Stop-Shops in each pilot country.

Basic statistics

In examining the unique visitors to the four digital one-stop shops (OSS) from September 2023 to March 2024. Delving into the data by country, we uncover insights into the geographic distribution of these visitors, shedding light on the international reach of these platforms. Moreover, by dissecting the traffic sources within these charts, we gain valuable perspective on the diverse channels driving user engagement. However, the true significance of these figures lies not just in their numerical representation, but in their correlation with the feedback and outcomes reported by OSS personnel. In forthcoming sections, we will explore the implications of these statistics, unraveling the intricate relationship between visitor demographics, traffic sources, and the operational efficacy of digital one-stop shops.

Digital One-stop-shop in Latvia
Digital One-stop-shop in Portugal
Digital One-stop-shop in Greece
Digital One-stop-shop in Bulgaria
Public engagement that drive results

In the context of the 4 Digital one-stop-shops and the pilots we would like to highlight that public engagement activities have direct impact on the results of visitors on the digital one-stop-shops.

Example of Greece

The REVERTER partners in Greece exhibit proactive engagement with mass media, consistently issuing press releases containing details about the REVERTER project and the digital One-Stop-Shop. This concerted effort has resulted in over 130 publications across various media platforms in Greece since the project’s inception. Notably, this outreach effort is visibly reflected in the statistics through Referral traffic sources, indicating the links established between media outlets and the project website, Remarkably, over 600 unique users have accessed the website after discovering information about the project through external online resources.

Press release on media with link to OSS
Press release on media with link to OSS

Example of Latvia

The REA, a partner within the REVERTER consortium based in Latvia, exhibited remarkable engagement by actively participating in a multitude of events targeting both citizens and stakeholders within the country. Throughout these engagements, they dedicated a segment to introduce the digital One-Stop-Shop, consequently driving direct traffic to the website as a result of these presentations.

Call to Action: Visit OSS!
Call to Action: Visit OSS!

Linda Kimeiša, communication manager at WIT Berry: “The fact that your activities are directly linked to results is no surprise. It is interesting to see how different approaches work and drive results. This way partners can learn from each other.

SEO to propose solutions

Within the scope of this project, Latvia’s pilot enjoys a distinct advantage, owing to the presence of the communication and dissemination partner based in Latvia. This arrangement eliminates any language barriers concerning search engine optimization (SEO). WIT Berry, leveraging its expertise, has offered valuable insights and implemented additional best practices within Latvia’s digital One-Stop-Shop (OSS), yielding tangible results. Notably, approximately 25% of all website visitors originate from Google, a significant metric with far-reaching implications. This prominence on Google allows for outreach to individuals who may not be familiar with the REVERTER project or digital one-stop shop but are actively seeking solutions to their queries, such as building renovation techniques and the benefits of renovation.

This approach has undergone successful testing and has demonstrated its efficacy in driving increased traffic, effectively informing and engaging more citizens. Consequently, the SEO strategy will be more vigorously implemented across the remaining three digital One-Stop Shops (OSS) within the project.

The call to action matters

The WIT Berry team adopted a straightforward and transparent approach when planning and developing the digital One-Stop Shop (OSS). This clarity also extends to the Call to Action (CTA).

Guna Valtere remarked, “Our objective was to incorporate clear calls to action on almost every landing page. We aimed to create the impression that consultations and assistance from OSS personnel are easily accessible to citizens.”

This approach has demonstrated tangible results. Valters Muzikants, energy efficiency expert at REA, confirms: “Since the launch of the digital One-Stop-Shop, where we actively encourage people to reach out, we’ve observed a significant increase in incoming requests for consultations. It’s evident that by incentivizing citizens to engage with us, as well as by making the process as easy as possible, we’ve witnessed a marked rise in consultations, incoming calls, and e-mails.”

Vicky Tzega, Legal Consultant, Ε.Κ.ΠΟΙ.ΖΩ. about Digital OSS in Greece: “Our team has received numerous e-mails from people via digital one-stop-shop in Greece. Their questions are concerning the energy savings programmes in Greece. They also ask to visit EKPIZO OSS for energy-saving advice and technical requirements for building renovation. The digital one-stop-shop has surely contributed to establishing a dialogue and supporting us with providing solutions for energy efficiency to citizens in Greece.”

The digital OSS serves it purpose – content

Upon examining the most frequented landing pages across all digital One-Stop Shops (OSS), it becomes evident that pages such as renovation, financial support schemes, and initial steps to undertake hold the top spots in terms of visitor traffic across all websites. This pattern indicates that the digital OSS effectively fulfils its purpose by offering information that citizens actively seek.


The use of different devices – laptops, computers, smartphones was carefully considered when developing the digital OSS. They were tested on various devices and internet programmes. Most of the visitors are still using the desktop version of the website. However, we can clearly see that almost a half of the visitors in Greece use the smartphones. It is an important fact to considerate when the digital OSS will evolve, to adapt all the solutions to be equally comfortable for users of any type of devices.

Reverter Hub EC project
Looking forward to new insights

As the digital OSS will continue to operate, we believe that we will gather more interesting information to provide and share. Keep up to date with our project’s updates!

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