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Exploring innovative social housing in Barcelona

During our recent 2-day consortium meeting in Barcelona, the REVERTER project team had the privilege to visit a remarkable building that embodies innovation in social housing. Organized by Maria from Fundació Europace, our visit to the temporary Local Social Housing in Barcelona – APROP (Allotjaments de Proximitat Provisionals) was truly enlightening.

APROP stands as a testament to creative and sustainable solutions in urban living. Comprising eight floors, the ground floor is constructed from concrete and metal, providing robust support for the entire building, while the seven upper floors consist of apartments made from repurposed metallic containers.

This building offers accommodation for a variety of residents, including small families, couples, and individuals. With 42 apartments in total, there are two types available: a 1-bedroom flat with a net floor area of 25.8 m2 and a 2-bedroom flat with a net floor area of 52.7 m2. Residents typically stay for approximately two years and are provided with everything they need for comfortable living, from furniture to beddings and towels.

What sets APROP apart is its communal amenities. Alongside the living spaces, there’s a common area equipped with board games, study desks, and a laundry facility. Moreover, the building boasts a garden where residents can grow vegetables, fostering a sense of community and sustainability.

The apartments within the building are designed for vulnerable individuals, including single people and single mothers with children. They offer resources and guidance to help residents sustain themselves after a 2-3 year stay.

For more information, visit APROP’s website.

The REVERTER consortium is grateful for the opportunity to explore this innovative project and gain valuable insights for our own endeavors.