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REVERTER pitch: OSS business model and potential for city decarbonization

Funded by the European Union, the project URBANEW organised and hosted an event, “Innovation and decarbonization in building rehabilitation”. The event took place in Barcelona April, 10, 2023 and the Life programme project “REVERTER” consortium partner Fundació Europace represented by project manager Maria Font and Director Jordi Ayats was invited as one of the participants to pitch the idea and solution of the REVERTER project on How One-Stop-Shops could help vulnerable households improve their energy efficiency and as a result contribute to the decarbonisation of cities.

The event was attended by approximately 120 participants, representing universities, public entities as well and other stakeholders.


A roundtable discussion featured representatives from academia, public administration, and research centers addressing current renovation challenges, key barriers, and strategies for realizing the 2030 agenda.


Maria Font: “Discussions that allowed us to learn about different perspectives and solutions to the decarbonization of cities by the different agents involved in the urban design and construction processes of cities. It was encouraging to see how innovation already inherently incorporates sustainability as an added value.”

Marketplace, pitch and question rounds

Following discussions, a marketplace for presenting innovative ideas was arranged. Each participant in this session was allotted 1 minute to pitch their idea, followed by 3 rounds of 5-minute question and answer sessions. Among 31 applicants, the project REVERTER representatives were chosen as one of the 10 pitchers.

The REVERTER project partner Fundació Europace presented the One-Stop-Shop (OSS) business model and a way to decarbonize cities. Among other projects we emphasized how OSS can help vulnerable households, what are our project’s first achievements and results as well as how we are planning to continue these activities.

Maria’s presentation focused on the OSS business model and its potential for city decarbonization, highlighting its impact on vulnerable households, echoing the goals of project REVERTER.

About URBANEW project

A bold initiative involving seven Spanish cities, URBANEW aims for a comprehensive overhaul of urban environments to achieve decarbonization and enhance energy efficiency. The project seeks to decarbonize built structures, promote renewable energy integration through self-consumption and energy communities, and foster multi-level urban governance and innovative financing models, particularly aimed at supporting vulnerable households across the seven mission cities.

Learn more about the project URBANEW.