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Empowering communities in Greece: Training initiatives in the REVERTER project

The REVERTER project places significant emphasis on training, a vital component ensuring knowledge dissemination among various stakeholders such as OSS personnel, energy ambassadors, and other interested parties. These training sessions serve as well-structured conduits for imparting essential knowledge and information to citizens. Consequently, each partner involved in the REVERTER project’s pilots organized training sessions, each with distinct goals, purposes, and target audiences. These sessions were meticulously structured and developed to ensure ease of comprehension for participants.


Dimitris Damigos, REVERTER project coordinator

Dimitris Damigos, REVERTER project coordinator:

“The energy ambassadors are volunteers enlisted through the project’s dissemination initiatives spearheaded by EKPIZO and other REVERTER consortium partners in Greece, alongside announcements on the Greek digital One-Stop-Shop. While all volunteers share a common dedication to learning and community service, it was particularly gratifying to discover one of my students among them. She came across the project via social media channels and enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to participate. The individual traits of the trainees, coupled with high quality of the project’s training resources, greatly enriched the training experience, rendering it both captivating and impactful.”

First Training Session

The inaugural session focused on training EKPIZO staff and volunteers for the “one-stop-shop” initiative. Held on Tuesday, February 20, at the E.K.POI.ZO. headquarters, this session aimed to equip attendees with the necessary knowledge to assist individuals seeking guidance on energy upgrades, technical solutions, available financing options (such as the “Escoionamo” program), and bureaucratic procedures. Led by Dimitris Damigos, the REVERTER project coordinator, along with representatives from KAPE, this training effectively conveyed essential information.

Second Training Session

Conducted on Tuesday, February 27, 2024, this session targeted the technical and social service staff of the Municipality of Agios Anargyro & Kamateros. Facilitated by Dimitris Damigos and Vicky Tzega, the session aimed to prepare staff to act as Energy Ambassadors during home visits to vulnerable groups. The objective was to provide specialized advice to enhance comfort levels and reduce energy costs for these households.

Third Training Session

Held on Wednesday, March 27, 2024, this session focused on training staff and volunteers interested in assisting the REVERTER project as Energy Ambassadors for home visits to vulnerable populations. Led by Dimitris Damigos, the training aimed to equip participants with the skills necessary for engaging with vulnerable households, informing them about energy-saving programs, and guiding them to the one-stop service provided by E.K.POI.ZO. The ultimate goal was to enhance the quality of life and reduce energy expenses for these households.