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Empowering citizens for energy efficiency renovations

In the pursuit of sustainable development and energy efficiency, countries across Europe have been pioneering initiatives to empower citizens to make informed decisions about renovating their buildings. Among these initiatives is the REVERTER project co-funded by the Life programme.

The essence of REVERTER Digital One-Stop-Shops

The digital one-stop-shops of the REVERTER project were established in the project’s pilot countries – Bulgaria, Greece, Latvia, and Portugal. These Digital One-Stop-Shops serve as comprehensive resources designed to support citizens interested in energy-efficient renovations, particularly in multi-apartment buildings.

They are dynamic platforms curated to provide a wealth of information and resources for individuals seeking to enhance energy efficiency in their buildings. They serve as centralized repositories of knowledge, guiding citizens through the intricacies of energy-efficient renovations.

Here’s what citizens can expect to find within these digital One-Stop-Shops

1. Financial support programs

Detailed information about available financial support programs, including grants, subsidies, and loans, aimed at incentivizing energy-efficient renovations.

2. Step-by-Step guidance

Clear guidance on the steps involved in planning and executing energy-efficient renovations, ensuring that citizens are equipped with the necessary knowledge to navigate the process effectively.

3. Documentation assistance

Resources and templates to aid citizens in preparing the required documentation for their renovation projects, simplifying bureaucratic procedures.

4. Information resources

Access to a plethora of resources, including articles, guides, and case studies, to deepen understanding and inspire informed decision-making.

5. Consultation services

Facilitation of communication with consultants from One-Stop-Shops, offering expert advice and support tailored to individual needs.

Catalyzing Engagement and Action

Beyond serving as informational repositories, REVERTER digital One-Stop-Shps play a pivotal role in catalyzing engagement and action within communities. They actively engage citizens through various initiatives:

1. Online and in-person consultations

Facilitating consultations with experts either online or in-person, ensuring that citizens receive personalized guidance based on their unique circumstances.

2. Information events

Organizing workshops, seminars, and information sessions to disseminate knowledge, raise awareness, and foster community engagement around energy efficiency.

3. Empowerment through education

Providing educational resources and training opportunities to empower citizens with the knowledge and skills necessary to implement energy-efficient practices.

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