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Informative Event on the REVERTER Project Enlightens Brezovo Citizens

On July 13, the Municipality of Brezovo, in collaboration with the Green Synergy Cluster, organized an engaging Info-day event for the citizens of Brezovo. The purpose of the event was to provide valuable insights into the implementation of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) in households and introduce the REVERTER project.

During the event, the Municipality of Brezovo and the Green Synergy Cluster, along with 10 other partners from five European countries, presented the REVERTER project. The project’s primary objective is to create nine roadmaps for reducing energy poverty by enhancing energy efficiency in households. These roadmaps will target vulnerable areas and groups of buildings, such as residential buildings and social housing, by promoting deep renovation measures.

Within the municipality of Brezovo, three roadmaps will be developed: one for single-family residential buildings, another for multi-family residential buildings, and a third for buildings with social purposes. Additionally, the project will establish a One-stop shop for renovation, which will offer comprehensive information and support to citizens throughout the entire renovation process, covering documentation, decision-making, advice, and application procedures. The effectiveness of these roadmaps will be tested through the establishment of One Stop Shops for renovation in four European countries:

  • Brezovo, Bulgaria
  • Athens, Greece
  • Riga, Latvia
  • Coimbra, Portugal

The event also showcased opportunities for the implementation of photovoltaic installations under the BG-RRP-4.026 procedure, “Support for energy from renewable sources for households.” This program aims to increase renewable energy usage in the household sector by providing financing for two components: the purchase of solar installations for domestic hot water supply and the purchase of photovoltaic systems up to 10 kWp, including electrical energy storage systems.

To provide further insights into home photovoltaic systems, Kukov and Co. Ltd. delivered a presentation during the event. The company explained the main components of a photovoltaic system, different types of structures and panels, and highlighted important parameters of photovoltaic installations. Attendees were also presented with approximate calculations and financial analyses related to the construction of a photovoltaic installation with an energy storage system.

For more information, please contact:

Eng. Daniela Kostova, Project Manager, Green Synergy Cluster, Plovdiv