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Three energy agencies from the Baltic States came together with a common purpose—to exchange experiences and insights

On May 25, the Riga Energy Agency (REA), Zemgale Regional Energy Agency (ZREA), and Tartu Regional Energy Agency (TREA) convened to share their knowledge and expertise.

During the meeting, the participants engaged in fruitful discussions, delving into various aspects of their work. They explored their experiences in working with residents, unveiling innovative approaches to building renovations that had been piloted within different projects. Furthermore, they shed light on the financing support mechanisms they had implemented to ensure the success of their initiatives.

Among the presentations, REA took the opportunity to introduce the challenges and goals of the REVERTER project. The project’s objectives resonated with the meeting participants, who expressed their keen interest in following its activities. Their intent was to adopt the project’s good practices and extend their support to residents within their respective regions. This commitment underscored their collective dedication to making a tangible impact and addressing energy poverty.

During this meeting TREA team shared their valuable experience gained thus far in tackling energy poverty. They highlighted their ongoing projects, ENPOR and POWERPOOR, which are specifically designed to alleviate the hardships caused by energy poverty. The exchange of knowledge between the agencies proved to be mutually enriching, as valuable ideas and insights were gained. These newfound perspectives will undoubtedly contribute to the achievement of the goals set within the REVERTER project, as all parties involved strive to combat energy poverty.

Looking ahead, on May 26, all the participants will embark on a visit to Jelgava, where they will gain an in-depth understanding of ZREA’s current affairs and the intricate nuances of their work. This shared journey promises to strengthen the bonds forged between the agencies, paving the way for future endeavors aimed at making a lasting positive impact on energy efficiency and the well-being of residents in the Baltic States.